We are a team of Italian drone pilots, we provide aerial photography services to both private and corporate clients.
Thanks to a network of professionals, operating locally throughout the country, we work nationwide without charging our clients for travel and accommodation costs, tailoring services to meet our clients' needs and ideas.

Before the advent of drones hiring a light airplane or an helicopter was the only way to take aerial photos. Now aerial pictures captured by drones has become very common, thanks to maneuverability and agility of these unmanned aircrafts.
Drones can fly in places that helicopters can't, even indoors, and perform better flight maneuvers for high quality images and videos, such as “Panning Shot”, “Flying Upward”, “Orbit Shot”, up to acrobatic maneuvers.
And, last but not least, italian drone services are not expensive.

We provide:
Drone Photography and Filming
Residential and Commercial Real Estate Photography
Drone Inspection Services
360° Aerial Panoramas
2D and 3D Mapping
Corporate Video
Aerial Photography for Events and Sport

In addition to aerial drone shooting services we also provide photography and post-processing image editing.

The use of drones is allowed in Italy under strict conditions (see here).We have a full operating license, which allows us to fly in any situation, and work with ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) certified pilots.

If you are looking for an italian drone pilot, do not hesitate to contact us.
Get a quote using the form on this page, or just call our toll-free number 800 857 861.