Video shooting

Video shooting

Video shooting for companies and individuals: corporate videos, commercials, documentaries, video events and any type of editing for every type of publication.
Knowing the needs of each customer is fondamental like to share his messages with him and translate them in professional way into video images and emotions.
Photography feeds and lives on content, sharing it and being on the customer's side is a reason for us to exist.
For this reason, before each work, we want and must know every aspect of the communicative sphere to involve.
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Advertising Commercial Production

Producing advertising commercials which have a strong impact is what the video makers at 911Foto do. They do this by continually changing their style and ways of working, while listening to the customer and capturing creative and up-to-date content

Documentary production

The production of documentaries requires considerable creative expertise, knowledge, and excellent writing skills, as well as a mastery of audio-visual language and storytelling. These are components of all of our videos at 911Foto

Immersive video

Immersive videos offer the possibility for the viewer to be transported into a realistic world, capturing their curiosity in a creative way, with an eye to the most modern technology, defying classical conventions with a 360° view

Motion graphic video

The use of motion graphic video can make the communication of product specifications more engaging and unique, as well as the arrival of a new product or the peculiarity of a brand. 911Foto knows the potential of this current mode of communication

Multi camera live streaming

The creation of Live Streaming content requires the presence of professionals capable of guaranteeing multiple shooting viewpoints, professional-quality audio, and the possibility to insert multimedia content, even during live transmission

Video camera operator

Specialised camera operator, not only a qualified technician, but also a professional capable of handling all aspects of photography, artistic composition and microphone set up, in any operating environment, both in a studio and outdoors

Video course production

Video course production requires professionals who are capable of taking care of all stages of production, from the initial concept and management of content, to filming and the final editing stages when graphics can be inserted

Video interviews

Listening and discretion have become real tools for the video maker of 911Foto studio. These tools allow the interviewee to tell their story with ease and make their message public in an open, sincere and engaging way