Aerial photo and video shooting with drones

Aerial photo and video shooting with drones

We work in aerial operations: we operate with drones throughout the national territory with an average of 800 flights / year ensuring compliance with all current legal terms and supporting the activity of supplying audio-video material, with many years of experience in photographic and video activity. ENAC (the italian authority of civil aviation) Authorized Operator for Critical Operations.
We are present throughout the national territory!

Being first of all photographers and video makers guarantees the right collocation in artistic field to our operators, even in meaning of video-photographic material production, but also the correct preparation in research fields, of aerial photography with drone in technical, industrial, construction, television, archaeological or security operations.
The experience of aerial photography with drone places first the respect of current legal norms in aerial field that our pilots have the obligation to follow, for this reason, before accepting any professional assignment, we design with the user every single step of the operation.




We operate throughout the national territory using drones to capture aerial footage. Our pilots are specialised and fully licensed with special insurance for each drone. What’s more, we can offer a large fleet of drones to meet any operational need

Drone photography

Drone photography requires two fundamental elements: an operator and a professional pilot, working in maximum safety, complying with the law, and having the technical and creative know-how to get the most out of shooting aerial videos and photos

Drone services

Providing effective Drone Services means understanding the requirements of aerial shooting for both video and photography. The 911Foto drone service is available in various ways throughout the national territory. Our operators are awaiting your call